Green Paper

What is REU and Responsible Energy Use?

REU is a DeFi Community based Token centered around the idea of ‘Perpetual Finance’. With a keen focus on developing Green technology for responsible Bitcoin Mining. The REU ERC-20 contract will collect ‘Transaction Fees’ to purchase Bitcoin ASIC Mining machines. The resulting yield (profits) from the Bitcoin Miners will be injected back into REU Liquidity. Thus creating price stability for perpetual finance. Moreover, rewarding REU holders for their generous participation. 

Responsible Energy Use is acknowledging the quest for sustainable, renewable, cost effective and environmentally conscious engineering solutions. Not only to conserve energy resources, but also to monetize efficiency. The more responsibly we use energy, the more profitable and sustainable we become.

REU Team (KYC via AssureDeFI)

Our Mission

Responsible Energy Use is monetizing climate neutrality for Bitcoin mining. Our liquid cooled immersion mining technology is the first step towards this goal. REU is a platform for people to participate in efficient, climate conscious Bitcoin Mining without the up-front costs and expertise required. Towards this goal, we seek to engineer solutions that minimize the use of energy in Bitcoin Mining and reward our holders directly through Mining yield liquidity injections.

Tokenomics – Ethereum

  • 5% Total Buy & Sell Transaction Fee
  • 5% BTC Miner Development; Onboard ASIC Miners directly from 
  • Live Mining Management Dashboard for public use for transparency 
  • Live video feed of the facility and the Miners operating
  • ASIC Bitcoin Mining yield will be spot traded to Ethereum and used to purchase REU. Then Pairing REU+Ethereum (REU/ETH) together to inject into the Liquidity Pool on Uniswap.

Tokenomics – Binance

  • 8% Total Buy & Sell Transaction Fee
  • 1% Auto Liquidity to boost price stability
  • 1% BUSD Rewards to all holders based on their percentage of holdings
  • 1% Market Maker Fund for Calls, AMA, & Buybacks 
  • 5% BTC Miner Development; Onboard ASIC Miners directly from 
  • Smart Phone Mining tba


We will only engage with genuine influencers that believe in our mission. There will be no ‘Double Dipping’ by influencers who seek to be paid directly. We want to ensure genuine market participation to prevent dramatic price fluctuations. For example we seek to avoid. ‘pump and dump schemes’. As transactions fees are collected and machines are onboarded. More and more liquidity will be injected into REU. This process, in of itself, will encourage widespread adoption. This project is not centered around selling air or hopium.

Our community has deep roots within the SHIB community. Many of us hold a large collection of BONE, the governance token for the entire SHIB ecosystem. We have the power and the liquidity to become a woofable pair on Shibaswap. This will put REU in the faces of relevant users that will be keen to look at REU and all that it provides to the community at large.

The ongoing utility REU provides will spread by word of mouth. Individuals can participate in the development and growth of new technology for Bitcoin Mining. Responsible Energy Use is only possible thanks to the nature of blockchain and DeFi participants like you.

Mining for Bitcoin yield is the catalyst to achieve great engineering feats. By doing this, we are monetizing energy and ensuring its conservation, all the while sharing it with blockchain pioneers like you. Geothermal Technology, Agricultural Applications, Solar Concentrators, and Liquid Cooled Bitcoin Mining are being combined to create a dynamic solution to a complex energy crisis.


From the holder snapshot of the REU 0% fee, 6 month pre-sale, fractional NFTs will be distributed to all holders. At the time of the snapshot, the fractions are determined based on the number of tokens in the owner’s wallet.

These fractions will be valuable for voting rights on upcoming important proposals affecting REU’s direction. Other generous benefits include discounts on merchandise, exclusive event participation, and more.

What is ChanMac Inc?

The Co-Host Bitcoin Mining company that will host REU Partners LLC, ASIC (application specific integrated circuit) Miners. ChanMac Inc. is dedicated to implementing the engineering required to accomplish Responsible Energy Use for Bitcoin Mining. Visit for more information.

What is Overclock?

Overclock percentage rates are used to change the power output of an ASIC Miner. Custom Firmware is used to achieve these changes in speed and power. Braiins Miner Firmware allows for overclocking speeds in excess of 30% over the normal operation of the machine.

The efficiency gains are in the range of 10% to 15% over traditional air cooled methods. Plus maintenance expenses are far lower and the longevity of the ASIC Miner is nearly double.

These enhancements can only be used in a liquid cooled environment. ChanMac Inc is providing that technology and cooling power. This also helps to ensure the miners are efficient even during times of market turbulence.

These facts and figures can be found at & Engineered

CAPX – Capital Expenditure

This isn’t a ‘new way’ to mine Bitcoin. We are using the very same equipment as the Argo Blockchain Helios Mine in Texas. CAPX is a major roadblock for most people entering the world of liquid cooling or Bitcoin Mining in general. There are significant up front expenses. Thus, large hosting companies require a large upfront commitment to co host in liquid. ChanMac Inc is offering the opportunity to co-host in liquid without a large upfront commitment.

Business Structure

The Co-Host Mining Facility is ChanMac Inc. ChanMac Inc.’s customer is REU Partners LLP. This is a traditional business arrangement. REU Partners LLP is the owner of the wallet where transaction fees are collected. REU Partners LLP has made an open and clear commitment to use funds to purchase ASIC Mining Machines and Co-Hosting Fees.

This is where the friction point is with trust. Similar to proof of stake. We have committed significant time and resources in developing the mine and this Token project. We would be absolute fools to not follow through with everything we have promoted to the community at large. Our liquidity commitment and $1.5 Million Dollar CAPX is our proof of stake that we will fulfill our mission.


The facility can handle different levels of scale. While modest in comparison to the 50,000 machine mine recently opened in Texas. We are starting with 90 machines online. These machines are owned by ChanMac Inc. and a Family Office Investment Partnership of Investors. The electrical layout is ready for immediate scale to 180 machines. The building has immediate capacity for 360 machines. Longer term expansion can tolerate 720 up to 1080 units.Ultimately the forecasted goal is to expand beyond the current initial start up location. We will build a ground up facility and implement energy conservation engineering technology outlined at


REU’s Official Roadmap

Community Launch Pad

  • ♻️ 6 month presale with 0% fees
  • ♻️ RELAUNCH May 19th
  • ♻️ Coinmarketcap, and CoinGecko listings May 24th

First Mining Facility

  • Mine Open – 90 Mining Machines Online
  • ChanMac Inc Mining partner grand opening
  • First REU Miner on boarding
  • Send Yield to REU

Transparency Engagement

  • Miner Management Dashboard by
  • Live Video Feed on TikTok & Youtube

Cross Platform Promotion

  • ♻️ REU Private-presale for BSC
  • Shibaswap Liquidity
  • DAO Vote on future chain adoption

Homage to #ShibArmy

  • Tabulate REUArmy BONE collective
  • Shibaswap DAO Vote

DAO Fractional NFT

  • NFT Launch
  • Apparel Sales
  • Exclusive Event Participation
  • DAO created utilities

First Mining Scale Expansion

  • 360 Mining Machines Online FAST
  • Facility Electrical Expansion
  • 720 Mining Machines Online

Responsible Energy Use

  • Start search for new ground up facility
  • 10,000 Mining Machines Online
  • Implement Energy Saving Engineering
  • 100,000 Mining Machines Online

♻️ Indicates completed tasks for REU

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